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About us

SOS Children’s Villages Armenia

“SOS Children’s Villages” Armenian Charity Foundation started its activities in the Republic of Armenia immediately after the devastating Spitak earthquake in 1988. The Foundation is a child-centered organization whose mission is to provide family-like care for children in difficult life circumstances. Based on this, the Foundation operates in two directions: alternative care services, as well as family strengthening services provided for the socially insecure families with minor children.

In 1990, SOS Children's Village Kotayk opened its doors in Kotayk Region for the children who lost their parents in the earthquake. In 1994, SOS Kindergarten was built to provide quality pre-school education for the children of SOS Children's Village Kotayk as well as nearby communities. In 2001, the first Youth Home was established in Yerevan, and then two more Youth Homes were founded in the following years with the aim of providing care for 13-18-years old youngsters who moved to Yerevan from SOS Children’s Villages. In 2009, the second SOS Children’s Village Ijevan was opened in Ijevan town.

Today, activities of “SOS Children’s Villages” Armenian Charity Foundation include 24/7 alternative care for children (long term and short term), Mother and Child Shelter, and Family Strengthening Programmes in Kotayk and Tavush regions, Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun communities of Yerevan city. The programs implemented by “SOS Children’s Villages” Armenian Charity Foundation are aimed at the improvement of the child protection system in the Republic of Armenia, as well as at ensuring the right of the child to live in a family.

SOS Children’s Villages International

The first SOS Children’s Village was founded by Hermann Gmeiner in Tyrol, Austria, in 1949. As a child welfare worker, Gmeiner saw how children orphaned as a result of World War II suffered. He was committed to helping them by building loving families and supportive communities.

With the generous support of donors, child sponsors, partners and friends, Gmeiner's vision of providing loving care in a family environment for children without parental care, and of helping families stay together so they can care for their children, has grown steadily over six decades.
Today, SOS Children's Villages is active in 136 countries and territories around the world, helping hundreds of thousands of children each year through alternative care, family strengthening, schools, health centres, and other community-based work.

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