Family Strengthening Project in Kotayk region

Family Strengthening Project in Kotayk region

The Family Strengthening Project in Kotayk region was launched in January 2018 and currently operates in 15 communities of the region with the further perspective of involving all communities of the region.   

More than 80 families are involved in the project whereas the main criteria for inclusion is an assessed risk of child abandonment. The following points were considered as additional criteria for inclusion in the project:

  1. Extreme poverty
  2. Parent’s unemployment
  3. Health problems of children and parents
  4. Children living with single parents
  5. Children/parents with disability
  6. Poor socio-economic conditions.

With the aim of identification of the families meeting the abovementioned criteria, the project actively cooperates with local authorities, territorial agencies of social services, guardianship and trusteeship commissions, departments of family, women and children rights protection as well as other non-governmental organizations working in Kotayk region.

The educational component of the project includes but is not limited to engaging children in 10 different hobby groups functioning on the territory of the Children’s Village, compensation for community-based pre-school fees for children of pre-school age, organization of parental skills training courses for parents and provision of appropriate clothing, school and stationary supplies for schoolchildren.

Special attention is given to health issues of both children and parents through provision of medicine. Also, due to mobilization of various governmental and non-governmental organizations’ resources we conduct expensive medical surgeries and treatments.

Within the framework of the economic stability component of the project, vocational trainings are organized for the families․ Upon completion of the courses appropriate tools and accessories necessary for professional activities are provided to the families, which helps them to become more competitive in the labor market and to find a new job more easily.

If necessary, individual and group psychological consultations are provided to all beneficiaries mainly by the project psychologist.

Due to continuous consultations conducted by the project social workers, beneficiary families have increased awareness on their rights, which helps them to exercise their rights when contacting various government agencies. 

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Success Stories
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