SOS Children’s Villages Armenia

“SOS-Children’s Villages” Armenian Charity Foundation is a non-profit, non-Governmental organisation aimed at supporting the children without parental care and children of families in difficult circumstances. The organisation was founded in 1989 in response to the devastating earthquake of December 1988. In 1990 Children’s Village in Kotayk opened its doors for the children who had lost their parents as a result of it. It was the first SOS children’s village in the territory of post-soviet countries. SOS Kindergarten was built in 1994 to provide preschool quality education for children from SOS families and the neighbouring communities. In 2001 the first Youth Facility was established in Yerevan and in the following years two more Youth Care Facilities were founded.
In 2009, the second children’s village of Armenia was established in Idjevan. Today, the activity of the SOS Children’s Villages Armenian Charity Foundation includes the child care and family strengthening community services, as well as a wide range of educational projects. Besides, the foundation is involved in improvement of child protection system through implementation of national programmes.