Austrian Development Agency and Austrian leading journalists visited SOS Children’s Village Idjevan
December 14, 2015
Cook Vardan visited the SOS Children’s Village Kotayk
December 29, 2015

The Surprise Visit of Young People from Armenian Diaspora to SOS Children’s Village Idjevan

On December 21, 2015, young people from Armenian Diaspora, who periodically make visits to different care centers, visited the children of SOS Children’s Village Idjevan. They had organized a fund-raising via internet and with the help of collected money bought stationary and hygiene items for the children of the village.

As their visit was not planned, the young people became “sudden guests” to the rehearsal of the New Year’s event of the SOS village. They were very impressed by the acting and dancing skills of the children. Some of the young people tried to join the dancers, but as they said, the moves were very difficult, and they were surprised, that despite it, the children were moving very skillfully.

The young people from Armenian Diaspora even had chance to play football with the children. During the game they exchanged with each other the football tricks they knew.

The children thanked the guests for the surprise visit and the gifts, and the guests in their turn were very much impressed by the high quality of the care provided in the village and by the fact that there is such an organisation in Armenia.