Former youngster of SOS Children’s Villages Armenia Andranik Margaryan towards the New Year has recorded a sport achievement. On December 27 Andranik took the first place in 50 m and 2 km cycling competition organized by the Cycling Federation of Armenia at the Specialized Children and Youth Cycling School of Olympic Reserve.

Andranik harried to tell us about his sport achievement. We were very happy with his victory, we congratulated him and didn’t miss the chance to ask him tell us about his sport achievements more detailed. We found out that Andranik had other sport achievements during this year as well. He told us that on November 22 he participated in “Thanksgiving 5 km Run” competition and took the second place. This competition was organized by the U.S. Embassy in Armenia in the Yerevan Botanical Garden. Together with Andranik sportsmen from “Triathlon club-Yerevan”, Armenian Federation of Triathlon and “Armenian Runners Club” NGO also participated in this competition. The first place took Mher Mashumyan from “Armenian Runners Club” NGO. John Heffern, the U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, was also present at the competition, who at the end of the event awarded the winners with medals.

Andranik besides holding active sport life has also received higher education. In 2008 after finishing school he entered the National Agrarian University of Armenia and finished it with bachelor’s degree. And in 2013 he entered the Armenian State Economic University, which he will finish in 2015 with master’s degree. Besides Andranik works as a servant at “Art Bridge” bookstore café.

Andranik is a fighter by nature, he believes in himself, continues to train with great diligence and conscientiously to achieve new victories about which he promised to inform us.

December 27, 2014

Former Youngster of SOS Children’s Villages Armenia Recorded a Sport Achievement

Former youngster of SOS Children’s Villages Armenia Andranik Margaryan towards the New Year has recorded […]
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