SOS Kindergarten

SOS Kindergarten is a well-designed and a child-friendly furnished facility, which has a capacity to serve 100 children. But as it is the only pre-school age child care facility in the vicinity of 5 neighbouring communities, the number of children increases during the year over its capacity.
From the neighbouring communities preference is given to the vulnerable families and their children. Thanks to the professionalism of the educational staff, the Kindergarten ensures quality harmonious development for all the children involved in the programmes.
As always the professional development of the staff is of highest importance for SOS Children’s Villages. It has become a routine that various trainings are organized during the year, among which we can mention “Character and Capabilities of Pre-school Age”, “Infection Diseases of Children”, “Aggressiveness and Hyper Activeness”, “Child Rights”, “Sexual Education”, “Crisis Phases of Pre-school Age”, “Aggressiveness and Hyper-activeness”, and others.


The educational process in SOS Kindergarten is carried out with the help of different games and thematic planning. All these methods are being adapted to the children’s individual needs, interests and peculiarities, nationality, taking into account also the children with special needs. SOS Kindergarten implements its educational work in accordance to the educational comprehensive programme of the Ministry of Education and International “Step by Step”. It demonstrates individual approach and practices methods like “The development of critical thinking for pre-school age children”, “Diverse ways of thinking”, “Inclusive Education”, “Life Skills”, “Parental Education” and others.
The organization of the matinees on every quarter is a good tradition in the Kindergarten, which helps children to develop their speech and to be able to perform before the audience. In this regard outing programmes are also very important for the children of this age as it also develops their behavioral skills.