Kotayk Education Project

Since 2007 two rural public schools located in Kotayk Children’s Village vicinity (Nor Gyugh and Kotayk) have been included in the respective project. The provided assistance in the scope of project has had three main components:

  • Capacity building of the teaching staff and the school administration to apply contemporary and child centered education methods and tools
  • Improving the governance system of the school through empowering pupils and parents councils to actively participate in decision making process of their education facilities
  • Equipping the education facilities with needed education materials, techniques and supplies through providing furniture, didactic materials and supplies.

One of the burning issues of the current education system remains the application of inclusive education approaches in the education processes. For the time being there have been positive changes in the perception and implementation of inclusive education approaching among teachers and school administration but this dynamics should be maintained and developed. There should be common understanding that inclusive education does not imply the work with children with some impairments rather than inclusiveness has broader meaning and application starting from children at social risks, educational needs and ending up with children possessing mental and physical disorders. Our on-going monitoring as revealed that there is mentality change among the teachers of the education facilities and they have relevant perception of the inclusive and child centred education philosophy and now it is right time to strengthen the positive progress. In this regard several trainings, follow up discussions and class monitoring activities have been conducted and undertaken during the reporting period.