Family Strengthening Project

The Family Strengthening Project in Kanaker-Zeytun administrative district of Yerevan has been implemented since April 2007. The project interventions enable our beneficiaries to have access to the basic services, particularly: education, health, juridical, and psycho-social assistance. They were provided with necessary material support (food, winter clothes).


In the frames of Educational support component the children are provided an opportunity to attend additional hobby groups and extracurricular activities such as foreign languages and computer classes, which supported them to be better prepared for school. Trainings on the topic of “Child Rights and Responsibilities” are organised for children included in the project, which will support them to become child rights’ advocates in their community.

During the project implementation considerable attention is paid to economic sustainability support activities which enable the beneficiaries to acquire new professions and needed tools/equipment to find jobs.

Trainings on “Healthy Lifestyle” and “First Medical Aid” are organised for developing parental skills among project adults, as a result of which project beneficiaries improve their knowledge and skills on healthy living and sexually transmitted infections. Psychological trainings and counselling (group and individual) are held with children and their parents, which considerably improve their psychological state.

Families are also provided with legal support in cases such as restoration of legal documents, private property issues, applying to social welfare benefits, receiving aliments. The beneficiaries receive support in legal clarifications and court decision on disputable issues relating to these issues.

It is worth mentioning that due to being a member of local child protection body (Guardianship and Trusteeship Committee), SOS Children’s Villages Armenia has increased its level of involvement in the decision making process on child protection issues in the community. Identification process of the potential beneficiaries has become more participatory.

Family strengthening project is considered as one of the leading child protection structures in the community due to its effective cooperation with local structures and timely and targeted response to the needs of families and children in the community. As an indicator of successful cooperation with local authorities and effective project implementation, the project staff received gratitude letter from the Head of Kanaker-Zeytun administrative district.