“Idjevan” Children’s Village Programme
Family Strengthening Project

The Family Strengthening Project in Idjevan is being implemented since April 2008. The project is implemented based on the holistic approach through the following Three main directions:

  • assistance to children
  • assistance to the family adults
  • assistance to the community structures to meet their obligations


Since the family vulnerability is caused by economic and financial factors, considerable attention is paid to eliminating the impact of those factors. With the help of our economic sustainability project component the families have an opportunity to acquire specializations that are attractive in labor market through vocational courses. Upon successful completion of the courses they are provided with necessary tools and equipment to start small businesses or become self-employed.

Another important project direction is awareness raising among children and adults on the following topics: child needs and how to address them, children’s rights, healthy lifestyle, conflict solutions, sexual education, and parent-child relationships.

Trainings, group discussions and individual consultations are organized on the above mentioned topics which were identified during family assessment phase. Interfamily tension is another crucial factor of family breakdowns in this location therefore during the project implementation individual psychological consultations and group psychological work are conducted by the project psychologist aiming to mitigate family conflicts, decrease the level of tension and create more trustful relations among family members.

Active cooperation with local government representatives, state bodies and NGOs working in the location is another important aspect of our work. Regular case discussions, meetings and joint advocacy activities are initiated with main partner organizations to improve the situation of vulnerable children in the location. As a result of the efforts, made by SOS Armenia, child protection network consisted of local and international NGOs was established in 2010 and currently functions in the location, which creates good opportunity for civil society organizations and local government structures to discuss jointly child protection and child welfare issues and seek for the solutions.