Family Strengthening Project

The Family Strengthening Project in Gyumri is being implemented since April 2006. The project is realised in partnership with two local NGOs: “Centre of Community Development and Social Assistance” and “Meghvik” Child and Juvenile Care Centre.


Within the framework of the project the families are provided with a complex assistance such as socio-psychological, economic, legal, pedagogical assistance. The project gives opportunity to children (project beneficiaries) to have access to the important social services (educational, cultural, health etc.), thus making them be more socially protected.

In 2012 the new building of “Meghvik”- child-juvenile centre was handed to exploitation which will enable to increase number of the services provided by the organisation and improve the quality of such services. The centre managed to work out a package of parenting skills trainings and organise the activities, which assisted in parental capacity building. As a result of undertaken activities, inter-familial atmosphere in families included in the project was considerably improved.

“Community Development and Social Assistance Centre” achieved successes in community mobilisation and activation. Thanks to the daily active work with the governmental and non-governmental organisations problem solving of project beneficiaries is organised more effectively and targeted.

Both organisations are carrying out considerable work to meet educational needs of the children. Series of trainings are conducted aiming to increase the level of children’s awareness on human rights, healthy life style, child-parents relations and so on. The children have opportunity to attend hobby groups (chess, dancing, singing, English, computer skills etc.), which support their personal development.