Syrian Armenian Emergency Project

As a result of the conflict situation in Syria, 16.000 ethnic Armenians have migrated to Armenia to find more secure and peaceful environment in their historic motherland. Coming to Armenia they have found themselves in destitute situation due to the fact that Armenian social protection system being in transformation and development phase has not been capable to meet their complex needs related to social integration, housing and employability. In this regard SOS Armenia together with Regional Office relevant PD and Public Funding co-workers has initiated the development of one-year emergency project proposal, which has been approved and financed through SOS CV international Emergency funding mechanism. Since November 2014, the project has been implementing.


The project has four following main support components designed and elaborated based on extreme needs of Syrian Armenians and incapability of state social support system to meet the later ones:

  • Materials support – food packages, hygiene items, seasonal cloths;
  • House support – rent and public utility service fees;
  • Health support – medication and surgeries not covered by state benefit package
  • Psychosocial support – group and individual therapies and consultations, self-support groups
  • Economic sustainability support – vocational training courses, equipment/toolkits
In the scope of the project 150 Syrian Armenian families with 300 children will get support and assistance to overcome the existing crisis situation and become more resilience to cope with their problems.