The Surprise Visit of Young People from Armenian Diaspora to SOS Children’s Village Idjevan
December 21, 2015
The New Year spirit of the children of SOS Children’s Village Kotayk
December 30, 2015

Cook Vardan visited the SOS Children’s Village Kotayk

At the beginning of December the children of SOS Children’s Village Kotayk visited “Carrefour” store, which is located in “Yerevan Mall” shopping and entertainment complex.

The children had a tour in the store. In the food department of the store the children were suggested to make pizzas. They started to make the pizzas with great excitement and ate them with pleasure.

In the food department the children met with Cook Vardan Sepetjian, who had come to Armenia from France, and was cooking sweet flat cakes. Vardan gladly shared his skills of cooking the flat cakes with the children. The latter got very excited by what they saw and liked the taste of the French sweet flat cakes. The cook, seeing excitement and enthusiasm of the children wished to visit the SOS Children’s village in order to share his skills with all the children of the village.

Hence, a few days later Cook Vardan came to the village bringing with him all the items needed for cooking the sweet flat cakes. All the children of the village gathered in the hall of the village and were waiting for the making of the flat cakes with great interest.

In the beginning, most of the children just tasted the flat cakes but afterwards they wanted try making them on their own. The children one by one were approaching Vardan and were cooking the flat cakes.

As it turned out later, it was the cook’s birthday, and he had decided to spend it with the children of SOS Children’s Village. Vardan not only shared his skills of cooking the flat cakes with the little inhabitants of the village, but he had also brought beautifully wrapped sweets as New Year gifts for the children and the co-workers of the village. And in their turn they had prepared a gift for Vardan. It was a beautiful picture painted by the children. Vardan was very happy with the surprise.

A few days later Cook Vardan telephoned and said that during his visit he had noticed that one of the children, Narek, showed great interest to cooking. Taking into account that fact, he invited Narek to his workplace, where he could get more skills of cooking. Narek was told about it and accepted the cook’s suggestion to spend a whole day next to him and obtain cooking skills.

Cook Vardan became a good friend for the children of the village and wished to meet them again.