Kotayk Children’s Village

SOS Children’s Village Kotayk was founded after the devastating earthquake of 1988 in Armenia. It was the first children’s village built in the post-soviet territory with its unique methodology of providing family-based care for children without parental care, which predominantly resembles to professional foster care model.
The children’s village is located on the border of Kotayk and Nor Gyugh villages in Kotayk province. Currently there are 10 family houses with children receiving daily care from their main caregivers SOS mothers. In order to maintain the household and provide quality care to all children in their families SOS mothers are assisted by SOS aunts. The village has a capacity of 13 family houses in total. A SOS married couple family is introduced into the village and with this approach SOS Armenia step forward its commitment to further improve the quality of its activities and ensure more close to family environment. Currently there is a Short Term Care Center in the children’s village of Kotayk serving for the short-term placement SOS family.

Children living in the village attend public schools of Kotayk, Nor Gyugh and Abovyan communities. A number of workshops and learning courses are functioning in the village, which serves as extracurricular activities for the children in SOS families as well as their peers from the neighboring Kotayk and Nor Gyugh communities.
Since its opening the CV has many fully independent and integrated youngsters, most of them living in different parts of the country and some of them are studying or working abroad.