Idjevan Children's Village

Children’s village in Idjevan was built in 2009. Child Admission started in the beginning of 2010. In total Idjevan children’s village has a capacity of 91 children with its 14 family houses.
Within the recent years we have observed dramatically increasing numbers of children in need of short-term shelter and immediate interventions due to family circumstances. In order to respond to this specific need, since November 2013 SOS Children’s Villages Armenia started implementing short-term care model for children from families in crisis situations. Currently there are two Short Term Care Centers in the children’s village of Idjevan embracing two key components:

  • a. quality care and protection to children
  • b. comprehensive social support to families to overcome root-causes of vulnerability

Our organization is striving to provide the best possible quality of care for children, thus constantly revising and improving our methods and introducing innovations. In 2013 we started piloting a new model of family based care with a married couple from the community working as SOS parents, similar to professional foster care model. Currently there are four SOS married couples introduced into the village.
Since 2011 all our services and interventions targeting children in especially difficult circumstances in Tavush Province have been brought under one umbrella. The Family Strengthening project, Children’s Village (family-based care), Educational Project and Advocacy activities are now operating within the frameworks of ONE Program named Children’s Village Programme Idjevan, which enables us to effectively respond to individual needs of each child living in difficult circumstances.