Care for ME!

Care for ME! is the first global advocacy campaign by SOS Children’s Villages. It strives to improve the lives of children without parental care or at risk of losing it and is active in many countries worldwide. As part of the campaign, each participating country assesses whether the national alternative care system complies with the UN Guidelines for Alternative Care of Children.
The results of conducted Assessment based on the UN Guidelines key provisions, the main following problems were identified in the child protection system in Armenia and particularly in regard to family support and alternative care services.
Care for ME! project in Armenia aims at improving quality of care of children living in difficult circumstances through reforming child care and protection system.

Gaps in legislation related to child care and protection are identified and addressed on national and local levels.

  • Conduct research of legislation in the field of prevention of child abandonment and alternative care referring to all internationally recognized guidelines and standards, state laws, government decrees regulating prevention and care system and related policy documents.
  • Establish an advisory group consisting of key local and international NGO representatives/child rights experts to provide professional input and feedback in the research process.
  • Compile a Report based on the research and use it as a tool to advocate for improving child care legislation.
  • Develop proposal for amendments and submit to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and respective committee of parliament.

Practices in regard to prevention and care mechanisms in accordance to Necessity and Appropriateness Principles are improved.

  • Create community active groups consisting of key project participants - FS families, children and young people in care.
  • Organise forums with community active groups.
  • Arrange working conference with representatives of CPUs and GTCs and NGOs in regard to their roles (Moving Forward handbook).
  • Compile the recommendations into proposal for amendments for respective decrees.