Family Strengthening Projec"Արաբկիր"

The Family Strengthening Project in Arabkir administrative district of Yerevan has been implemented since 2010. Based on the individual needs of children and their families we offer a range of interventions within this project.


In the framework of project children actively participate in different events contributing to their further personal growth and aesthetic education. Children are provided opportunities to visit various cultural and social places such as theatres, cinemas, concerts and other historic-cultural places that have also promoted the willingness of beneficiaries to participate in cultural life of their community.

As a result of individual and group trainings, individual and group psycho-social counselling most of parents have changed their attitude towards their role from passive recipient to active participator in overcoming their problems; their parental skills have been improved as well. As the result of trainings and other awareness raising activities the level of knowledge on existing social services and state social allowance system has increased among the families which enabled them to be more proactive and protect their rights in different state bodies.

SOS Children’s Villages Armenia aims to expand the existing network of partners also on local levels where our programs operate and build stronger relations with them. In this regard the level of information sharing with other likeminded organisations has increased creating space for further collaboration.

Within economic sustainability support activities, the capacity of care-givers to find jobs in labour market has increased and parents have gained different professions, caregivers have obtained the knowledge and skills to find a job and now they are enabled to have stable income generation sources.